by Marina Velez

Marina-velez-lot 1
PHOTO: Lot. © Marina Velez

The concept of belonging can be used to address socio, economic and political boundaries: in a globalised economy, the idea of belonging remains unquestioned when it comes to free movement of capital and goods, but it is problematic when applied to free movement and settlement of people.

Belonging is a word that seems to speak about walls and boundaries, of being included or being left out. It is a concept full of cultural meaning, which intertwines with one's identity in profound and multi-layered ways. Ultimately, belonging is a concept that might have less to do with place and more with affinity. Without showing specifically discernible visual elements, Lot speaks of belonging as a state of being, which could mean the links that unite a diaspora around the world as well as the self-reflection of intimacy and memories, which weave one's sense of belonging.

This piece originally appeared in Take me there, a pop-up exhibition at the Heong Gallery,  hosted by Power and Vision: The Camera as Political Technology research group seminar series at CRASSH.