by Miroslav Kusý

Pf 68 89-1

68/89. © Miroslav Kusý


'In the hope of success in 1989, I sent out a New Year’s greeting card to my friends with a big 68 on it and an instruction to turn it upside down – turning it into 89. I was right: the road from 1968 led directly to 1989'.

Fifty years on from Prague Spring, Miroslav Kusy, who was Head of the Ideological Department of the Supreme Committee of the Communist Party in Slovakia at the time, looks back at the events and legacy of the eight months of 'revitalisation' in Czechoslovakia prior to the Soviet invasion. Read the article.

This is part of a special series connected with the Cambridge Central European Conference: Prague Spring and Its Legacies on Saturday 28 April 2018. Watch Jana Howlett on what we must remember.